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Recipe Nutrition Calculator | SparkRecipes – Enter the total number of servings that your recipe makes and click the "Calculate Nutritional Info" button; To save or share the recipe, fill out the information in Steps 2 & 3. (optional) * You must login or register to save and share your recipes and nutritional information.

Recipe Converter – how to half, double, or triple a recipe – Recipe ingredient conversion calculator Made Easy Just follow the instructions (and these conversion tips) Please enter a name for your recipe. Enter the quantity of each ingredient in the table on the right. You can use decimals or fractions (i.e., either 0.5 or 1/2 is OK) to half, double, triple, or otherwise convert your recipe to any multiple

Divide, Multiply, or Adapt Any Recipe in One Click with This. – This calculator can be used to scale any recipe up or down. Maybe you’re cooking for two and don’t want leftovers, or maybe you have a recipe for four that you want to make for big dinner party.

Chipotle — Nutrition Calculator – – Nutrition Calculator.. Nutritional content may vary because of variations in portion size or recipes, changes in growing seasons, or differences in the sources.

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How to Half, Double and Triple Recipes – Wow! Is that really. – Have you ever wanted to bake a cake and needed to half a recipe or to double and triple recipes? Then this post is for you. It includes a downloadable chart that shows how to half, double and triple recipes. I certainly understand. I have to do it all the time. After having to pull out the calculator each time I needed to double a recipe.

[Discussion] What is the correct way to double/triple a recipe? – I grew up cooking for a family of nine and would triple recipes every time. I just multiplied the ingredients by three and used a little common sense. If you’re making something fancy or complicated, it might be a different story, but in general it’s not hard to triple a recipe and have it turn out ok.

Dog Calorie Calculator | How Many Calories Does Your Dog Need – Kurgo Dog calorie calculator helps you figure out how much your dog should eat to maintain peak health.. Healthy Weight Recipe Chicken & Brown Rice, 415.

Kitchen Pantry Cheat Sheet: How to Triple a Recipe – Kitchen Pantry Cheat Sheet: How to Triple a Recipe. March 4, 2014 by Jenn K Leave a Comment AND/OR join the $5 Meal Plan Family and get meal plans delivered to you each week! A helpful printable that you can hang in your kitchen (maybe behind your spice cupboard door or on the pantry door) to.